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When dental problems are serious enough to affect the entire mouth, the all-on-four implant treatment can effectively provide a new set of teeth. At her practice in Leesburg, Virginia, experienced dentist at Dental Co. of Leesburg provides this full arch rehabilitation procedure to restore dental health and quality of life for men and women suffering from loose, damaged, or missing teeth. To obtain more information about all-on-four implant treatment for yourself or a loved one, call or click today.

All-On-Four Q & A

What is all-on-four?

All-on-four is a breakthrough alternative to dentures that replaces your entire row of upper or lower teeth (or “arch”) with a fixed prosthesis supported by four dental implants. The dental implants are artificial “roots” that become fully integrated into your jawbone, so your all-on-four replacement teeth look and function just like natural teeth.

Traditional, removable dentures can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. With all-on-four, Dental Co. of Leesburgfits an entirely new set of teeth onto four implants. Compared with replacing each tooth with an implant, all-on-four is a more convenient and cost-effective permanent solution for missing teeth.

Who is a good candidate for all-on-four treatment?

All-on-four is an often a life-changing treatment for women and men with loose, damaged, or missing teeth, bone loss in the jaw, or poor overall dental health. If you’re experiencing any of these issues or find dentures uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or inconvenient, all-on-four can dramatically improve your quality of life.

You may also be a good candidate for all-on-four even if you’ve been told you’re ineligible for dental implants due to bone loss. Unlike conventional implants, the all-on-four technique involves installing implants on an angle, taking full advantage of the remaining bone to support your new replacement teeth.

Will all-on-four immediately restore my teeth?

All-on-four requires more than one appointment but restores the function of teeth in less time and with fewer procedures than other methods for replacing entire sets of teeth.

At your first appointment, Dental Co. of Leesburginstalls your implants. Your implants will be able to support a temporary set of teeth after they heal and become fully integrated into your jawbone, a process that takes three to six months. The temporary all-on-four restoration works like a full set of functional teeth.

During this transitional stage, you must exercise caution as your jaw heals. For example, you can safely eat many foods impossible to eat while wearing dentures or with severely compromised teeth, but you must take cut all your food into small pieces.

Once your implants fully heal, you receive your long-term replacement.

To find out more about all-on-four treatment with Dental Co. of Leesburg, call or use the convenient online scheduling tool today.