Not Your Father’s Dentures: Learn About the Latest Improvements

Millions of Americans are missing at least one tooth, and research estimates that about 30% of Americans ages 65 to 74 don’t have any of their natural teeth. Dentures offer a solution for people missing multiple teeth. However, many avoid dentures because they think about the problems their parents and older relatives had with their prosthetics.

Not too long ago, dentures commonly caused discomfort because they didn’t fit well or stay in place. Some dentures also look unnatural. Today’s dentures don’t have the problems that older versions did.

If you have missing teeth, learn about the latest improvements in dentures offered by Dr. Deidra Bird Kokel. Recent improvements make them much more functional and comfortable than the dentures your father started out with.

Keeping dentures in place

Old dentures simply sat in your mouth without anything to hold them in place. People tried to solve this problem by using denture adhesives that attached the prosthetics to the gums. These adhesives work somewhat, but they don’t guarantee strong results.

Clasps now can latch onto your other teeth to hold your partial dentures in place. Dental implants provide excellent support for full dentures, particularly on your lower jaw. When you visit Dr. Kokel, she can help determine whether dental implants, metal clasps, or other connectors best suit your mouth and teeth.

Today’s dentures fit more comfortably than old models

If your father wore dentures, you probably heard him complain about the discomfort they caused. Today’s dentures are significantly more comfortable because they fit better.

Dr. Kokel makes an impression of your gums and any remaining  teeth to determine the right size and shape of your dentures and sends the impression to a lab that specializes in making dental prosthetics and other products. Today’s labs are equipped with digital technology that helps them make accurate representations of your teeth and gums. The improved technology means you get a more comfortable fit.

At first, your dentures may feel a little uncomfortable as your mouth adjusts to the prostheses. Within a few weeks or months, you find that your dentures feel as natural as your other teeth.

New dentures are made from better materials

Getting a proper fit makes dentures more comfortable, but that’s not the only factor that affects how your dentures feel. The materials used to create them also matter.

In the past, false teeth were made of hard materials such as plastics that would rub against the gums and cause a lot of irritation. Taking them out at night felt like a relief. Today’s dental labs fabricate dentures from materials that don’t cause as much irritation, and parts of your dentures may contain more flexible materials for better fit against your gums. Once you get used to them, you can wear dentures all day without any problems — and feel confident that you look your best.

Dentures look more natural than before

Your father’s dentures probably didn’t look realistic enough to fool anyone — they looked like false teeth. You don’t have the same problem with today’s dentures.

Dr. Kokel makes sure your dentures give you a natural look that doesn’t attract unwanted attention. Today’s dentures also look more natural because they fit better in your mouth and are made from better materials.

If you’re interested in learning more about how dentures can benefit you, book a consultation with Dr. Kokel by calling our Leesburg, Virginia, office or using our online request form. We look forward to helping you find a solution for your missing teeth.

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