Adjusting to Life With Dentures

It’s natural to feel nervous about a new experience, but getting dentures that replace the teeth you’ve always known is likely very unfamiliar territory. You’re bound to have lots of questions about how to make the adjustment to your new man-made teeth.

Deidra Bird Kokel, DDS, can guide you through the process of fitting your dentures and ensuring that you’re comfortable with wearing them over the long term.

What are the benefits of dentures?

If you’ve lost all your teeth or have large gaps in your mouth, the implications can be serious:

Getting dentures is about a lot more than restoring your smile, although it’s nice to have that again, too! Periodontal disease is a serious gum disorder that leaves you vulnerable to infection and can potentially affect your overall health.

I’ve gotten new dentures. What should I expect?

There’s definitely an adjustment period that’s normal when you get new dentures. This can last from several weeks to a few months. Some things you might experience as a result of wearing dentures include:

Even though these tips are for anyone who wears dentures, it’s important to remember that your dentures are tailored to your mouth, which is as individual as your fingerprint. Rest assured that Dr. Kokel can help you address any challenges you experience.

New teeth, same good dental habits

Whether you’ve recently gotten full dentures or just a partial set, our team is here for you. Dr. Kokel checks in with you regularly to make sure you’re enjoying your new life with dentures and advises you on how to care for them with warm-water soaks — and brushing and flossing, just as you did for your natural teeth.

We’re certain you’ll be delighted not only with your appearance as your face is supported again by a proper oral structural foundation and your smile is brighter. Our patients also have shared additional pluses that their new dentures bring: clearer speech, easier chewing, and even improved digestion.

If you have questions about dentures, please call our Leesburg, Virginia, office or request an appointment via our online form.

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